Ryland's Restaurant

I live a couple blocks down from Daves Avenue Elementary School. Each morning, many students and teachers walk by my house on their way to school. In 2012, I opened up a pop up bakery in my front yard. I sold baked goods and hot drinks one day every month, and gave half of the profits to Daves Avenue. Over the course of several years, I donated thousands of dollars, first to help buy iPads for the school's technology department, then to fund the purchase of books for the library.

The story was featured on multiple news sites, including NBC Bay Area, Grub Street, Entreprenur, and ABC News.

Some of the products I sold were Oreo balls, muffins (courtesy of Cherryville Farms), cherry pistacio biscotti, scones, and cookies. I also had hot chocolate for the children and coffee, donated by Starbucks, for the adults. Occasionally, I had special items on the menu, such as pumpkin shaped Oreo balls for October or free candy canes in December.